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Bulletin of Romanian Chemical Engineering Society 1&2/2016


Paul Serban Agachi - Theory of systems, process control, past, present and future - the way they go along with process engineering towards a sustainable society

Alexandru Woinaroschy - General strategies in product engineering

Ali Al Janabi, Al Sakini Ahmed Hameed, Tanase Dobre - Pervaporation of aqueous ethanol solutions through pure and composite cellulose/biocellulose membranes

Ioana-Alina Ciobotaru, Florin Mihai Benga, Oana Claudia Barbu, George Costin Lazar, Claudiu Campureanu, Traian Rus, Danut-Ionel Vaireanu - Conductivity cell constant revisited

Ioan Tudor Sibianu, Ioan Calinescu, Petre Chipurici - Study of the olefin selectivity of a Fe-Ni catalyst for Fischer Tropsch process

Cristian Eugen Raducanu, Tanase Dobre, Cristina Gogoasa - Biodiesel production using a sulphonated activated carbon-based catalyst

Stefan Sandru, Diana Cursaru, Ion Onutu, Dorin Stanica Ezeanu - Correlations between biodiesel percentage and diesel fuel properties

Irina Elena Chican, Dana Simona Varasteanu, Loti Cornelia Oproiu, Mircea Ruse - Surface properties of novel amino acid-based and carbohydrate-based surfactants

Alina Smochina, Draga Dragnea, Costin Sorin Bildea - Mathematical models for encapsulation of aluminum pigments in SiO2 matrices

Ana Maria Georgescu, Vasilica-Alisa Arus, Francoise Nardou, Ileana Denisa Nistor - Preparation and characterization of Al(III)-pillared interlayered clays
based on indigenous bentonite

Gabriela Muntianu, Ana Maria Georgescu, Ileana Denisa Nistor, Gheorghita Jinescu - Ammonia adsorption kinetics on clay particles in fluidized

Mihai Cernat, Oana Cristina Parvulescu, Tanase Dobre, Ioana Maior - Optimization of volatile organic compounds removal by packed-bed absorption

Tanase Dobre, Oana Cristina Parvulescu, Diana Matei - On the convective drying of gypsum boards

Sanziana Radulescu, Loredana I. Negoita - Practices for reducing exhaust flue gas temperature in refinery furnaces. Case study

Cristian Patrascioiu, Cao Minh Ahn - Trends into the propylene – propane distillation simulation using unisim design simulator

Maria Popa - Studies on the germination change of plants after decontamination of soils that are polluted with crude oil

Gabriela Stan - New waste management solutions from mining industry

Gabriela Stan - Minimizing the impact upon the environment by processing the sludge from waste water treatment plants of domestic wastewaters

Casen Panaitescu - Increasing the degree of treatment for COD and BOD using AQUA MICROPAN PE type microorganisms in combination with activated sludge

Casen Panaitescu, Gabriela Stan - The implementation of the coagulation–flocculation process in the leachate treatment from ecological landfills

Personalities in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering: Professor Gheorghe Maria – teacher and scientist