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:: NEW VERSION - Matrix Construct version 9

At the beginning of 2010 we come with a new version of Matrix Construct, an unique product on the Romanian market, version which include now 3 new settlements categories (industrial constructions, construction-assembly works, repair works, maintenance and post-use of the buildings), and also the norm P 100-3/2008 for the calculation and design of construction.
To have your license of Matrix Construct updated, click here to order online

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:: NEW - Matrix Pret on flash memory

Starting from november 2009 version, Matrix Pret, an unique product from Romanian market, which include the prices from constructions and installations can be purchased also on flash memory.
Why flash memory and not CD?
Because in this way you have the posibility to use Matrix Pret anywhere, at home, at work, at your partners, on any computer without a license limit which can be used only on one computer.
All the prices are updated at each 3 months and are sent to you on a CD that can update the information from your memory stick.

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:: New version - Matrix Pret November 2009

A new version of Matrix Pret is available with the prices from constructions and installations coresponding to November 2009.

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:: New version - Matrix Legis version 2.1

The new version of Matrix Legis include all the legislative changes and additions during January - June 2009.

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:: New version - Matrix Instal version 7

The new version of Matrix Instal include a new category of norms with the requirements established by Law 10/1995 (quality law in constructions and installations).

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:: New product - Matrix Termic

Administration of actions and documentations esential for the application of O.U.G. no. 18/2009 concerning the increase of energetic permormances of blocks of flats.
The exclusive software on this topic from the Romanian market is addressed to the technical departments from the town halls that have the obligation of applying the stipulations of Ordinance 18/2009 and of the methodological norms of its appliance.

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:: Matrix Acces - Online access to our product

Easy, fast, without instalations. Online access anywhere, anytime to our products: Matrix Construct and Matrix Instal.
Soon access to Matrix Pret and Matrix Legis.

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:: New version - Matrix Deviz version 4

Version 4 of Matrix Deviz can ensure getting forms provided in Order 863/2008 for application of H.G. 28/2008.

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:: Special offer for Matrix Deviz clients

All the clients that buy Matrix Deviz starting from 01.01.2009, will receive a free license for the latest version of Matrix Pret software product. In this way, you can have an updated price "guide" for the most important works and materials used in constructions.

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:: New product in 2009

In 2009 we will realease new software products and we will update the functions of the existing products.

:: Outsourcing

Outsourcing in Romania is one of the best solutions for foreign companies in this domain. The quality of programming in Romania which is one of the best in the world, the Romanian programming school, very well known all over the world, the large number of skilled personal in IT domain in Romania, report to the total number of population and the lower prices for all the services and products comparing to any western country, recommend Romania like a good environment for outsourcing.