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The first one and the only software on Romanian market for the quick calculation of the buildings' value, as well as work quantities and main materials necessary in order to accomplish the object base with typical constructions. This software is addresses to all the designers and constructors.

Matrix Obiect contain about 200 typical objects:
- buildings types included in "Technical Guide for
Immediately Evaluation of the Elements Costs and Dwellings
Constructions" published by Matrix Rom
- buildings types included in the volume "Indexes for Resources Consumings on Objects Groups" published by Matrix Rom.

Matrix Obiect permit quick calculation of the work categories quantities and of the main materials quantities necessary in order
to accomplish a building, through assimilation with a type building that exist in product database, as well as buildings' value calculation through communication of the prices on measure unit of the work category, either by user or periodical provided (3-4 months) by Matrix Rom. With Matrix Obiect you could realize the calculation of the work quantities and the value for buildings constitute from more type objects. The user could create his own type objects either starting from the existent type objects or creating new type objects that can be used further.

First version of Matrix Obiect was made in 2005.

Minimum requirements for installation:
- processor: 500 MHz;
- operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP5, Me, 2000, XP, 2003;
- memory RAM: 64 MB (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Me and 2000) and 128 MB (Microsoft Windows XP and 2003);
- hard-disk(free space): 100 MB;
- optical unit: CD-ROM;
- additional software: Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server or MSDE

All the additional softwares are delivered free by Matrix Rom with the instalation kit of Matrix Obiect.

You can buy Matrix Obiect direct from our head-office, through postal packet (with cash on delivery) if you send us a write order or through an on-line order.

On-line Order

550 lei (VAT included) - installation for one computer
200 lei (VAT included) - each additional license for more than one computer

If you want to try Matrix Obiect, download free demo version.

Download demo

This product is available only in Romanian.