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The first one and the only software on Romanian market for special buildings evaluation. This software is addresses to all the technical experts and evaluating people. Matrix Eval is based on "Quickly Evaluation for Buildings" collection published by Matrix Rom.

"Quickly Evaluation for Buildings" collection booklets available in Matrix Eval:
- Industrial Buildings
- Commercial Spaces
- Storehouses
- Buildings for Education, Science, Culture, Administration
- Buildings for Health, Social Assistance, Amusement
- Buildings for Road and Air Transport
- Buildings for Railway Transport
- Agricultural Buildings
- Buildings for River and Maritime Transport
- Buildings and Special Buildings for Water Feeding and Canal
- Buildings and Special Buildings for Gas, Heating
- Buildings for General Usage
- Dwellings, Hostels, Hotels
- Buildings and Special Buildings for Grocery Industry
- Buildings and Special Buildings for Easy Industry

With Matrix Eval you could prepare, based on "Quickly Evaluation for Buildings" collection, the calculation slip of the examination building and you could edit text of the examination.
This product allow you to calculate, based on actualization coefficients, replacement values of the building and based on normal physical wear coefficients, Matrix Eval allow you to calculate building wear.

First version of Matrix Eval was made in 2003 and until now, this product was bought by more than 100 customers.

Minimum requirements for installation from CD:
- operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista,7,8,10;
- hard disk(free space): 5 MB;
- optical unit: CD-ROM;

Minimum requirements for flash memory:
- operating system: Microsoft Window 2000, XP, 2003, Vista,7,8,10;
- USB port;

You can buy Matrix Eval direct from our head-office, through postal packet (with cash on delivery) if you send us a write order or through an on-line order.

On-line Order

Price for CD:
850 lei (VAT included) - installation for one computer
300 lei (VAT included) - each additional license for more than one computer

Price for flash memory:
1200 lei (VAT included) - flash memory license for new users
850 lei (VAT included) - flash memory license for users which already have a license installed on one computer

If you want to try Matrix Eval, download free demo version.

Download demo

This product is available only in Romanian.